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1. Company Overview
2. Business Description
3. Service Overview
4. Pricing
5. Curriculum Vitae

By Design Bookkeeping is an outsourced based bookkeeping practice with experience over a broad spectrum of industries
While all types of organizations require the services of a bookkeeper to make sure their finances are in order, they may not all see the need to employ a bookkeeper on a full-time basis. This is where the services of an outsourced bookkeeping company or a freelance bookkeeper comes in. Member of VAASA (Virtual Assistants Association of South Africa).
• Company summary:
Its goal has been and remains that of supplying to its client a professional bookkeeping service, with the highest standard of professionalism as required by the accounting profession and its governing framework.
• Mission statement:
With the modus operandi to complete tasks skillfully and meticulously, the objective is to deliver accurate and reliable statements to the owners, directors, and other stakeholders.
• Company history:
Derived from working for accountants, it is not always a necessity to have a full-time bookkeeper on payroll. With the advancement of online software and the accessibility of it anywhere at any time creates the supply of on demand accounts far more alluring.
• Markets and services:
Targeting SME’s to ensure trustworthy and manageable accounting records and up to date payroll.
• Operational structure:
The business operates with a single operational bookkeeper extending services to a selected group of clienteles with the aim to focus on dedicated, professional, and reliable reporting.
• Financial goals:
The goal is to save the client cost on excessive salaries, bonusses, leave provision, overtime, sick leave as well as office space and equipment.
• Management Style
As a manager of people and projects.- High A – Fairly firm manager of a team, she has self-confidence, direction, the low B – takes other into consideration, more focused on other than control over others, Low C – very proactive, fast paced and very tense, High D

– Respectful of authority, established rule, and company procedures; eager to work within the system and reluctant to bend or break the rules
– Focused on the specifics of how things are carried out taking pride in delivering work on-time, accurately, and completely.
– Hesitant to delegate authority or details, she is an exacting boss who takes her responsibilities seriously and will demand that her subordinates get things done right and on-time
– Focused on specific tasks and the technical output of her team more than personnel issues or team building activities
– Slow to trust others; she places greater confidence in what she knows from experience, knowledge. And “the book;” her confidence is derived more from proven facts rather than faith in people
– Sincere, factual, and direct – never superficial; she will make sure she knows what she is talking about before she speaks

• Influencing Style
As an influencer, Theresa will be:
– Assertive and definitive when standing for concepts or ideas in which she is an expert
– Eager to understand any ideas or concept thoroughly before bringing it before others; strongly prefers knowledge, experience, and facts to thinking on her feet or being unprepared.
– Works well with proven processes, plenty of facts, and established policies.
– Driven to prepare for any presentation thoroughly, wants to ensure that she can deliver exactly what is needed.
– With experience, will become deeply knowledgeable, with precision, about the steps necessary for successful implementation
– Prone to making decisions independently without collaboration; she works best with those who do the same
– Familiar with the situation and eager to utilize this knowledge in the process of influencing others
– Eager to discuss proven success with her ideas and concepts as solid proof of reliability and integrity

• Management Strategies
To maximize her effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Theresa with the following:
– Thorough training in all policies, standards and systems relating to her work
– Clear definition of her responsibilities and authority, and certainty that she can depend on management to back her up
– Recognition and respect by management for her competence and conscientiousness, and assurance of a secure future
– Coaching in communications and people skills if her future is to involve much direct contact with subordinates or customers or both

The benefits of choosing an outsource resource
a. Cost savings of up to 60% which includes savings on:
1. Salaries
3. Annual leave and sick leave
4. Human resources including training and management
5. Office space
6. Printing, telephone, and internet related expenses
7. Computer and other office equipment

b. Other benefits:

1. Digital innovation
2. Paperless environment
3. Online access to documents
4. Access to various accounting, payroll, and office suites
5. Privacy
6. Scalability
• Accounting
o Monthly cash book reconciliation.
o Monthly accruals/provisions and other journals to complete set of accounts.
o Fixed Asset Register – ensuring it is up to date and that monthly depreciation is calculated.
o Creditors reconciliations as at month-end.
o Reconcile all control accounts monthly.
o Reconcile any loan accounts and contra out to matching others.
o Discussing any discrepancies picked up on Income statement.
o Cash flow projections
o Furnishing a complete set of monthly management reports to owners, directors and or stakeholders.
• Payroll
o Monthly capturing of salaries and commissions as well as loading the payments thereof (should this be required).
o Submission of monthly EMP201.
o Submission of bi – and annual IRP5’s and reconciliation of EMP501.
o Monthly payroll journals to fall in with month end journals.
• Value Added Tax
o Calculating and submitting of bi-monthly or monthly returns, as required.

We provide Outsourced Bookkeeping Services on a fixed monthly retainer. These services are tailored to the specific needs of your business and are priced according to specific business needs.